Who Are We?

Art Alley Grill is a blog where we share all things grilling. We all enjoy a well-prepared meal on the decks or lawn as we spend time with family over the summer.

Grilling also allows us to grill indoors, depending on your environment. Whatever method or type of grilling you prefer, we are here to give you tips on making the experience better.

What You’ll Get;

When you visit our blog, you’ll find;

  1. Tips on how to start grilling if you’re a beginner- simple recipes and what you may need.
  2. Reviews of the top-rated grills and related accessories to enhance the quality of your cooking.
  3. What to look out for when grilling to minimize incidents and hazards such as a fire. Tips on ways to reduce problems people encounter and guidance to tackle any challenges you may face.

Why Choose Us?

A lot of blogs cover grilling; however, most don’t share their content from experience.

At Art Alley Grill, we write content from what we have tested and experienced.

Whatever we have not been able to handle ourselves, we carry out detailed research through surveys and contacting experts on the topic.

We know that our readers take what we put out seriously and aim to make the content useful and actionable.

We ask you to journey with us, and feel free to share your experiences as we strive to improve!

Enjoy 🙂


Meet the Owner

Hi, Welcome! My Name is Kim Johnson.

I’m a professional accountant with a passion for culinary arts. I’ve embraced grilling as a hobby that I very much like to undertake to prepare juicy meals for my family.

I started to explore grilling about two years ago while preparing thanksgiving dinner with the extended family. With the information I have, I hope we can join me in this community to perfect the art.

As they say, learning never stops. I’ve had the privilege of engaging chefs and master grillers across the US in culinary events and meetups.

I’m also taking a cooking class at Michigan on food preparation and combination for maximized health benefits.

You’ll get tips, reviews, and guides on the types of grills, buying, and cooking guides.