Different Types of Pressure Cookers

A pressure cooker is a pot with a close fitting lid that allows food to cook quickly in steam and under pressure. Cooking in this vessel requires water or water based cooking liquid. Air from the tightly sealed vessel is expelled, and steam produced from the boiling food inside is trapped in resulting in high cooking temperatures. 

After cooking, the steam is released allowing safe opening of the vessel. This method of cooking helps certain foods like tough meat get very tender quickly. Extra high heat of the cooker also promotes caramelization and browning of foods.

There are single and multi-purpose pressure cookers in the market today. Single purpose handle only one pressure setting. Multi-purpose pressure cookers have multiple features and pressure settings to enable multi-cooking of different foods. 

You can choose one depending on the kind of cooking you are most likely to do engage in.

Classification of Pressure Cookers

There are three types of pressure cookers;

1. First Generation Pressure Cookers

They’re also know as old-type pressure cookers.

They only have the basic features and are also limited in terms of safety. It functions using a weight-modified valve which releases pressure during the cooking process. 

It is very noisy as the valve produces a whistle like sound while releasing the excess steam. It has one pressure level. Today the users have an option of acquiring those that allow them to change the level weight, thus changing the pressures.

The old type pressure cooker

2. Second Generation Pressure Cookers

Another name for these pressure cookers is the latest generation. This model combines traditional and modern style stovetop. They function making use of spring loaded valves usually hidden from view. They have has multiple pressure settings allowing the user to choose from the options. 

During operation, some of these pressure cookers do not release steam but have a rising indicator with markings to show pressure level in the pot. Unlike with first generation, these cookers release steam only when the pan is opened, or when left in the stove for too long. 

2nd generation pressure cooker

They also have a dial that you can use to adjust the pressure by moving it around which vents the pressure.

3. Third Generation Pressure Cookers

They are the newest kid on the block and are commonly referred to as electric pressure cookers. 

These cookers come with advanced features and use electricity as the source of energy. The pressure and temperature feeding off the power line are automatically regulated to maintain the operating pressure. 

Electric pressure cookers are multi-use as you can cook a variety of dishes with them.

Electric pressure cooker

They rely on a spring loaded valve and include dual pressure settings as well as a timer option. They release pressure using tiny valves. 

Cold water method cannot be used for a quick release of the lid. They are very easy to use owing to their automated features.


When shopping for a pressure cooker, it is advisable to understand the different types and also the functionalities. Know where you intend to use it, whether for personal or commercial use. 

They come in different sizes and shapes thus giving you a variety to choose from. The modern type-unlike the old ones-have little chances of rapture making them safe to use anywhere, anytime.