Ways to Clean a Grill with Minimal Effort

After making use of a grill, irrespective of what type it is you’ll need to clean it before storage. And if you’re like most, this is usually not an enjoyable task.

This is because the grill, especially if left with the debris can take much time and effort to clean. That is why we’ve gone out and tested 7 ways to effectively clean your grill with minimal effort.

1. Clean a grill with Vinegar

Vinegar by its nature of being acidic makes it a great cleaner. Acetic acid in the vinegar is what contributes to its acidity. With this, its able to dissolve build ups and materials on the grill such as brines, soap scum and glues.

To clean your grill, you’ll need equal quantities of vinegar and water that is, 1 liter of vinegar to 1 liter of water and place them in a spray bottle. The amount depends on the area you intend to clean.

vinegar types

Spray the mixture onto the grill and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Take the spray bottle once again, this time fill it with vinegar alone and spray the grill. After spraying with the vinegar only, scrub thoroughly until clean. 

2. Soap and Water

In case you don’t have vinegar or you prefer not to use it, make use of good old soap and water. This is pretty simple;

Fill a bucket with hot water and add a quarter cup of your preferred dish soap. Stir the water to ensure the soap mixes and lathers.

Use the water to clean the grill, scrub where necessary to remove stains that are undisturbed by the water.

For the grates, soak them in the bucket (if they fit) and let them sit for a while before scrubbing. You can use a grill brush, steel wool or foil for scrubbing. 

Once satisfied with the results, rinse the grill and grill grates with clean water and let them dry before storage. 

3. Baking soda

There are two ways to utilize baking soda when cleaning your grill. One, add it to the water and soap mixture detailed above.

The other way is to sprinkle some amount on the grill, add small amounts of water to make the baking soda dissolve and then scrub.

You can also use baking soda as a paste. Sprinkle it on a sponge or rag and clean the grill sections. Baking soda acts as an abrasive scouring powder enabling grease and dirt on the grill surface dissolve in water. Moreover, it neutralizes smells since it is a basic compound. 

4. Red Onion

Aside from cooking, onions have a lot of other uses, cleaning being one of them. For this, take a red onion, slice it in half and mount it on a fork and wipe it down the flat side of the onion on the grill. To get the best outcome, ensure that the grill is lightly hot when rubbing down the onion. You can also dip the onion in water before using it on the grill if you like.

A red onion contains enzymes that break down particles and grime on the grill. In addition, the onion has antimicrobial properties that disinfect the grill killing any germs present.

Another advantage of using a red onion is that it seasons the grill, adding flavor to food during the next grilling session. 

Red onions

5. Heating

This method is suitable for gas grills. It involves turning the grill on and letting it heat up to high temperature. This heat will cook off grease and food particles on the grill. After heating up the grill, use any of the other items to clean the grill. For example, soap and water or a red onion.

When heating, you can opt to cover the grill grates with a foil or lower the grill cover depending on the type of grill you have. 

Conversely, you can use the heating method as a final step after other cleaning procedures. This w ill help to clear out any dirt left out.

Heating a grill

6. Beer

Beer is a great solution when it comes to removing stains. On the grill, pour the beer on a warm grill and scrub. As usual, you can use a wire brush, foil, cloth or newspaper to scrub until your grill is clean. 

7. Coffee

Your able to utilize coffee in cleaning as it works as a degreaser and absorbs odors from surfaces. It is able to remove grease, food particles and other stains.

When cleaning your grill, add 2-3 teaspoons to warm water and use the mixture to scrub the grill surface with a brush or clothing. Once the dirt is out, rinse our or wipe the grill with a clean moist cloth.

Why do you need to clean your grill?

Cleaning your grill is as important as cooking. You may come across individuals that advocate against grill cleaning. Here are three main reasons why you need to regularly clean the grill;

  • To maintain the flavor of food.
  • Prevent the accumulation of bacteria that may lead to diseases affecting your health.
  • Cleaning the grill maintains and prolongs its life and duration of use without much repair.
  • To prevent the grill from smoking and bursting into flames. When the grill is switched on, any remnants start to burn and smoke, and if this prolongs it may eventually lead to the grill catching fire.

Types of Grill Cleaning Practices

There are two main types of cleaning the grill. They depend on intensity of cleaning. The types include; spot and deep cleaning.

Most noteworthy, the two cleaning processes have two steps in common that is, pre-heating the grill and brushing the grates. You can use any of the methods mentioned previously to clean the grates.

Spot Cleaning

This is the practice of grill cleaning before or after cooking. The number of times depends on the preference of the individual. However, spot cleaning of the grill involves cleaning the grates, emptying grease or ash and pre-heating the grill.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is more involving since it involves handling of the entire grill including the inner sections such as the cooking chamber, lid and burners.

Deep cleaning is conducted occasionally to avoid interfering with the grill sections often. Some do it before the grilling season starts.


Cleaning the grill is an important part of grill maintenance. It not only ensures that the taste of food is maintained but also keeps away bacteria that may cause diseases.

There are two main types of grill cleaning namely spot and deep cleaning. Spot cleaning is conducted often compared to deep cleaning and involves handling the grates and emptying grease and ash.

To accomplish either spot or deep cleaning, there are several ways to clean the grill with minimal effort. Some of the methods include the use of vinegar, warm water, red onions and coffee. How you clean your grill depends on the type of grill you use. Ensure to follow the guidelines provided with your grill when choosing a cleaning method.