Gas grills under $500

Best Gas Grills under $500 for the Money

Gas grills are popular and widely used due to their ease of use. Moreover, they are easier to clean when compared to charcoal grills.

The only downside to gas grills, whether using natural gas or propane is the expense. With this, we sort out to search the best gas grills under $500. These grills offer equal or near equal grilling service to more expensive products.

We hope to provide alternatives to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of the best gas grills. You can also see other grill types here.

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Review of the Best Gas Grills Under $500

This gas grill from Weber is a 2-burner gas grill with a cooking space of 450 square inches. There are two options of the Weber E-210- a grill utilizing liquid propane and natural gas.

The dimensions of the gas grill with the lid open are 57 by 48 by 26 inches. Knowing the size helps to establish the space requirement for use and storage. The main burners offer 26,500 BTU per hour input.

It is a gas grill with an open cart design to provide adequate room for grilling and required tools. There’s also a folding side table for additional room. The side table is fitted with hooks that come in handy to place and organize your tools.

This gas grill comes with cast iron cooking grates with two varying sides- a thin and wide side. The thin side is recommended for delicate food while the wide area is for creating sear marks when cooking to add flavor.  A warming rack is also available to keep ready food warm as you continue with grilling.

The Weber 44010001 E-210 has several features that set it apart as a gas grill. The infinity ignition makes starting up the gas grill easy as starting is on the first trial. The burner tubes fixed on the gas grill under $500 ensure continuous and even gas flow to the cooking grate. With uniform gas supply, you’re able to evenly cook food for your family and friends.

In addition, flavorizer bars are in place to add flavor to food. These bars are set in a way to catch drippings from the grates and vaporizing them for flavor. Any drippings not vaporized are directed to the grease management area for disposal.

The grease management area is easily accessible for cleaning. This area comprises of a disposable drip tray under the cookbox. This section not only makes cleaning easier but also ensures no flare ups can occur.

For the weber liquid propane grill version, a fuel gauge is in place to monitor fuel levels in the tank. The best part? The Weber Spirit II E-210 comes with a 10-year 100 percent guarantee. There’s a 3-burner version of the Weber Spirit II grill here.

The 3001 grilling pro 40 from Char-Griller is a lightweight 3-burner gas grill weighing less than 100 pounds. This propane grill is made using durable steel and is powder coated to ensure longevity. It’s a propane gas grill recommended for the backyard.

Electronic ignition is set up for simple and quick starting. No time is waisted as the grill heats up immediately. This grill provides 40,800 BTU’s of power from the main grilling area while the side burner gives out 1200 BTU’s.

The Char-Griller E3001 gas grill has a total cooking area of 630 square inches- 438 on the main grill and 192 on the main rack. This is adequate space for prepping and cooking a variety of dishes. In addition, a side shelf is also in place to add to the working area.

The grilling grates on this propane grill are made from cast iron material and are coated with porcelain. On the other hand, the gas burners are made from stainless steel for durability.

Utensil hooks are fitted on this Char-Griller to avail your tools when prepping. Also, a temperature gauge to monitor your temperature of cooking.

The Smart Space Living gas grill from Dyna-Glo is also a 3-burner grill that uses liquid propane. Its performance is unmatched as each burner of the grill produces 12,000 BTU of power when cooking.

The 3 burners are housed in a porcelain coated firebox made of steel. This firebox is able to protect the burners and ensure even heat distribution across the surface of cooking. Moreover, the natural juices of cooking food are vaporized here to give flavor to food.

Its grilling grates are made from cast iron and have a high-gloss and black finish. They are designed this way to ensure the easy of cleaning and overall maintenance.

In addition, the total cooking area is 507 square inches with the primary cooking areas having 390 square inches and the secondary 117.

This gas grill under $500 has a simple and compact design that aid when in use and in storage. It has collapsible side table for additional working area. You’re able to adjust depending on space availability and need. Moreover, the side tables have integrated hooks for your cooking tools.

An easy to push ignition system is in place for a quick start up. Also, the control valves for infinite setting control are chrome-plated for stress-free handling. The Dyna-Glo Smart Living gas grill also comes with a built-in thermometer for temperature monitoring and control. Moreover, this thermometer has an easy to read gauge.

Performance 300 liquid propane gas grill from Char-Broil is a compact 2-burner grill measuring 42.9 by 24.5 by 44 inches. It is a 2-burner gas grill delivering 24,000 BTU’s of heat on the cooking surface. The burners are made from stainless steel to make them sturdy, durable and amplify performance.

Like majority of the gas grills previously reviewed, the grates are made from porcelain-coated cast iron. This is not only for durability but also for stress-free cleaning as the food does not stick on the grates when cooking.

A lid able to withstand tough weather is also in place. Moreover, on the lid, a temperature gauge is mounted for heat control. For juices that lose their way when cooking, a removable grease pan coated with porcelain takes care of that. It is replaceable and easy to clean.

The total cooking area of this grill from Char-Broil is 300 square inches. For additional working area, there are two foldable side shelves for use when needed. In addition, a swing-away warming rack is integrated on this gas grill and it provides 100 square meters of space.

This 2-burner gas grill features an electronic system of ignition for a reliable and quick start-up. Four casters hold the grill in place and facilitate the movement of the grill when necessary. Most noteworthy, two of the casters can be locked in place to set in place.                                           

The performance gas grill has a cabinet-style design that gives additional storage. You’re able to keep the propane tank out of sight and have room to place other items. 

Classic 360 propane gas grill is another product from Char-Broil. It is a 3-burner gas grill that measures 24.1 by 51.2 by 43.5 inches. The three in-line burners are made from stainless still and provide great cooking performance.

The combined cooking area of the Classic 360 is 530 square meters with 360 being the size on the grates and 170 the warming rack. This cooking area is significantly adequate for the preparation and grilling of large meals without much stress.

A grill lid and firebox come with this grill and they’re constructed with porcelain coated steel. The lid comes in handy when you need to cover food and maintain a temperature.

You’ll not have to worry about food particles sticking on the grates as the porcelain-coating prevents this. In turn, many ways to clean the grill with minimal effort are availed.

The Char-Boil 360 gas grill under $500 features a piezo ignition system for a reliable startup. Just one push of a button and the grill lights up fast. This gas grill sits on two fixed legs and 2 6-inch wheels. The wheels enable movement while the legs keep it in place when the grill is in use. 

The Performance Stainless steel gas grill is a stylish 4-burner grill. It delivers 36,000 BTU’s of heat that accommodates large meals for the whole family. What’s more, there are a wide range of temperature for cooking with precise control.

The cooking surface covers 425 square inches with the primary cooking area measuring 23 by 18 inches. It has iron grates coated with porcelain making them rust resistant, non-stick and easy to clean.

The 4 stainless steel burners are supported by a side burner that provides additional 10,000 BTU’s of heat. This side burner is lidded and can fold down when not in use. Also, it comes in handy to protect the burner.

A 150 square inch swing-away warming rack provides the secondary cooking area.  The ignition system is electronic offering reliable and fast startups. The Performance propane grill also has a removable grease pan and tray for easy clean up.

Like most Char-Boil grills, a temperature gauge is mounted on the lid to assist in temperature monitoring. Another great feature is the movement of this propane gas grill- it features 2-wheels for moving around and two fixed feet to keep it in place.

Lastly, our final best gas grill under $500 is the Cuisinart CGG-7400. It’s a 4-burner capable of cooking for six or more people. The total cooking space is 610 square inches- 443 square inches for the primary and 167 a warming rack. In addition to the cooking areas, two side tables are in place for meal preparation.

The outdoor gas grill is designed with a solid stainless-steel construction to withstand the weather. The burners, control knobs, fascia, and cover are all made of stainless steel and thus don’t rust. Moreover, the steel cart is coated lined with an enamel paint for maintenance.

Each of the burners gives out 11,000 BTUs of heat making the total to 44,000 BTU cooking heat. Most noteworthy, you can easily control the heat with the burners having different temperatures for varied foods. This 4-burner gas grill features cast iron cooking grates that not only distribute heat evenly but also retain the heat longer.

The Cuisinart CGG-7400 gas grill features a twist start ignition with each burner having its own control knob. You’re able to switch between flames from low simmer to high heat giving you flexibility when cooking.

Moreover, there’s a built-in thermometer on the grill lid for temperature monitoring. The brand has gone a notch higher by incorporating a bottle opener for your beverages.

This 4-burner propane gas grill is supported by a heavy-duty steel cart. The cart includes wheels and fixed feet to enable use in a flat, stable surface.


There’s a wide variety of gas grills under $500 to choose from. They offer a myriad of features that cater to different cooking needs. The main differences between the gas grills we’ve discussed include; cooking area, BTUs produced, brands, the number of burners and cost.

With the reviewed products, choosing the best gas grill for the money identifying your needs will make it easy to narrow down the selection. Let us know which of the grills you like best. Happy grilling!

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